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Act Rentals

Premier Locations, Energy Efficient
Clean & Quiet


ACT RENTALS Newly built apartments were designed to provide you with a perfect combination of location, private living space, modern conveniences, energy efficiency, and affordability. As well, they offer beautifully scenic and peaceful study environments for the academically minded.

We have two premier locations to accommodate Hocking College and   Ohio University   students   and   facility.   Click   on   the
Apartment Details” link for further details, and choose a city to see Google maps!

While we do “cater” to students and faculty, we certainly welcome all mature and responsible individuals and families, as well as pets!

Built, owned and operated by us; we are local Real-Estate professionals with decades of experience and a passion for integrity and excellence in everything that we do.

We welcome your inquires and look forward to personally providing you with our first class services and apartments; while you’re getting smart and making a positive difference in the World!